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The summer is almost over and I am so close to going back home to Mexico.  I miss home but it’s so nice to visit my friends and family in California.  The website is getting a major overhaul with a store that will include many new items available for shipping within the United States and Global.  Sorry about the mess here on the site  but I’m not the most well versed web designer so I’m a little slow with the new design.

blog - untitled shoot


Photograph by Marcos Hernandez.  I’ll sneak in a selfie here and there but the artwork is truly about imagery and ideas, not the person.  I have a little fun behind the mask.  


I recently completed a commission for a really nice couple.  They liked the piece called “Dos Conejo” asked me to create a new painting somewhat similar.   Here’s what I came up with.


Mother and Child watermarkIt’s 4’4″ x 5’10”.  Acrylic on canvas.


Thanks for checking in with me.  Come back soon.





























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  • Rosa Carrillo

    Hello Gabriel, WOW! You are such a wonderful artist I can see you have” Found Your Spiritual Self” thru your artwork and that is so great! Know that everything is NOT co-incidental and, everything that happens in your lifetime whether good or bad, has a lesson for you to learn.I am so proud to have such a talented cousin like you! Hope to hear from you soon, Rosa


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