Sacramento Job Corps Administration Mural

I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Mrs. Erica Evans, the former director of the Sacramento Job Corps.  Over the last 8 years, the opportunities given by her and the Sacramento Job Corps made such a difference in my early struggle to live as an artist.  This was the last chance I got to work with Mrs. Evans before she left the Sacramento Job Corps.  After winning the bid for the mural project resembling the work of of Jacob Lawrence, Mrs. Evans resigned from her position as director of the Sacramento Job Corps.  I never got a chance to thank Mrs. Evans for the opportunities and collaborations with her over the years.

I did not publish the pictures of this work because it is very different from my body of work and also   because I did not get to complete the mural as proposed.  The new administration thought the overall mural was too dark so the final layers of darker shades were not introduced.  I really wanted to see this project as proposed but I guess change can happen when there are multiple layers of administration.





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