Floor Mural – Mesa Mercado, Carmichael

I got to work with Ernesto Delgado again on a project that I had never attempted before.  This was probably one of the most nerve-wracking projects I have ever attempted.  The medium is concrete stain on raw cement.   Raw cement is unforgiving.  It’s a bit like working with watercolor on paper but  you can’t correct mistakes on cement.  Every movement of the stroke is recorded in the cement.  So, each stroke and line had to be calculated to scale.  For the most part each line is one stroke with no correction.  Since I had never attempted this before,  I practiced on a cement sculpture my father was working on.


Once I learned how the stain can be watered down, I felt comfortable enough to go straight to the project floor.   I had a rough idea of what I was going to do but most of this was free-styled on the spot.




There are designs at the entry ways and one of these at each corner of the bar.  It’s an interesting medium to me.  I’m looking forward to pushing the possibilities in the future.

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