Coa Room at Mayahuel

I was commissioned to paint this mural in the Coa Room of Mayahuel Tequila Museo. I painted it with the help of Miguel Bounce Perez and Shaun Burner.


— Coa Room at Mayahuel.


Although I had a sketch for the project, the final product was definitely the influence of both Miguel and Shaun. I respect and admire their work and styles. I appreciated every time I got to paint with them.


— Private political function.


The Coa Room serves as both restaurant seating and private function room.  The mural has had such an impact on the feel of the room.  I hear from people all the time about how much they love this room.  I had no idea that this piece would impact so many people as it has.

I find so many photographs on google of people using the mural as a backdrop for their photos.  It’s a great backdrop for most meetings that are held there as well.


— Jorge Santana and Jose Montoya


Jorge Santana (Malo) and Jose Montoya (Royal Chicano Air Force) in front of the Coa Room mural at Mayahuel.  It was an honor to see this image in the Sacramento Bee because I am fans of each of these artists.

Much love to the family of Jose Montoya, may he resit in peace.

Mayahuel serves as sort of a cultural hub for latinos living in California for cuisine, tequila, mezcal and art.

Mayahuel Tequila Museo

Owner, Ernesto Delgado has done an amazing job of curating and creating this amazing restaurant. His passion for the arts and Mexican culture shows in everything he does there.