Mayahuel Tequila Museo

Mayahuel is a showcase of Mexico via the vision of Ernesto Delgado.


Originally, owner Ernesto Delgado commissioned me to paint my Huitziloco image on the ceiling but this idea morphed into a full mural on the wall behind the bar.

The mural was painted live during business hours.  .


It was a challenge for me to work with so much green but I was asked to keep the look of the green plaster of paris. I would not have initially picked the colors I used but all together it worked out great. The mural added a whole other dimension of color and life. I’m not a fan of painting live but it was interesting to create this mural on a “stage”.


Mayahuel is located at 1200 K St. in Sacramento, California on the K st. Mall.

Mayahuel is also home to another mural of mine in the COA room.